At Hoboken Tech Solutions, we offer the highest quality computer repair in Hoboken, and at the lowest prices as well. Below you can find a complete list of all the services we offer.

Free Diagnosis & Estimates

This means that you can bring over your computer regardless of whatever issue you’re experiencing, and we’ll tell you exactly what’s wrong with and around how much it will cost to fix completely for free.

House Calls

| Cable Installation & Testing
| Network Setup, Maintenance & Repair
| New Equipment Installation & Setup

Remote Support

| Computer & Software Training
| Firewall Optimization
| PC Tune-up & Maintenance Service
| Performance Enhancements
| Software Technical Support
| Virus and Malware Removal

Hardware Upgrades

| RAM Upgrades
| Hard Drive Capacity Upgrade
| SSD Migration
| PCIe Device Installation
| CPU Upgrades

Hardware Replacement

| Trackpad Replacement
| Keyboard Replacement
| LCD Screen Replacement
| Hard Drive Replacement
| Power Jack Replacement
| Battery Replacement


| Data Backup
| Data Safety Consultation
| Data Transfer
| Hard Drive Data Recovery
| New Computer Setup
| External Hard Drive & Flash Drive Recovery
| Phone Data Recovery
| Photo & Video Consolidation From Multiple Sources

Software & Operating System

| Operating System Restore
| Operating System Upgrades
| Program & Software Installation
| Laptop System Installations